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Name:Mukuro Ikusaba
Birthdate:Dec 24
Location:Towa City, Japan
As a solider for hire, I get a lot of odd jobs n' such to keep myself afloat. That is to say most of it stays within The Fenrir's ties, but as of recently I've been on my own. Perhaps I should catch up to speed.

My name is Mukuro Ikusaba. In my prime, I was known as the Super High School Level Solider. Of course, that was before the Towa City controversy. Towa City was a government sanctuary for the robotics industry of the coast of Kanoya. In there was an esteemed private school known as Hope's Peak Academy. Apart of that was... The Remnants of Despair. This was a brigade of students who were obsessed with equality of despair to hope, and willing to do anything to make their twisted dream a reality.

That dream came to fruition on the 25th of November, 2010, where I was double crossed in a twisted game of death. It was not the first time I had been blackmailed into it, but It was the first time I was playing; albeit in a disguise. I was sent with a war buddy of mine in an attempt to stop the Hopes Peak. We initially were on opposing forces, him being from a family of octuplets that I... 'accidently' slaughtered seven out of eight for Intel, but made up over the common goal. We found out that my dear fraternal sister was corrupted by the surge of emotion she had obtained when aligning with the remnants of despair. It well and truly sickened me to see her mind degrade from a strategic fasionista, to a mad with power beast of a woman. That book... I curse the day she read it...

Of course, that was the disguise I dawned after the first mutual killing took place. It was a botched attempt to assassinate the headmaster of the school, but once he caught wind of this- he knew his time was short. All the same, my sister was in a disguise of her own, masking the scent of her ill desired despair. When she came un-done thanks to her boyfriends little stunt to try and permanently seal her personality with a new serum, the headmaster gave me an ultimatum; kill my sister to stop the spread, or be killed by her protecting him.
Judging by the fact I lived to tell the tale, I chose the former. Of course, that did end up meaning my employer got executed behind my back, but to be fair that wasn't the first time that's happened to me, in fact, it was the 5th. In any case, with the headmaster gone I had no choice but to change my strategy.

I tracked down the last of the occtuplets and forged a plan to take out my sister from the inside. After orchestrating what I thought was the perfect killing game, I was planted in.

From the beginning though something was wrong. I wasn't just snuck in, no that wouldn't have quenched my sister's lustfulness. After my boss' death, the school was put into lock-down with my adversary left outside. While this was deliberate, as he was running guard duty for the operation, there was only two openings in this air tight death arena. The first was the primary emergency escape gate, which was rigged to the teeth with anti air equipment to prevent exit. Honestly a bit of an overkill when the strongest opposition to the plan was a martial artist champion. The other exit, was one of my clients last willed efforts. There was a ventilation shaft leading to the outer city limits, so while my sister's goons were causing calamity, there would still be air to be pumped in and out.

Suffice to say, things were looking bad already. Bad of course, for the average intelligence agent. I was no ordinary merc, so this didn't faze me in the slightest. What got to me most above any happened when the first murder took place. It was practically textbook self defense, girl tries to seduce sportsman to kill him with a knife, gets overtaken and stabbed in the heart, but sportsman's to busy cleaning up crime scene to notice name being scribed out. Of course I couldn't say that without blowing my cover, and that was what drove me off the edge. Consequently, in my attempt to rebel against the plan, I got reprimanded in a way I wish I could forget. 6 Pints of blood, lost in under 6 seconds... those spears pierced me into a comatose state faster than I could think. In that moment, I knew I had to switch gears. If I were a megalomaniac bent on rigging a game of despair, and I had a free body lying around, you bet your ass I would take it for my own purposes.
So what did I do? I followed the wolf and played dead, collapsing on the ground just enough to be convincing, but not enough to accidentally wiggle the spear closest to me heart in for a killing blow. With that much blood lost, I passed out for a pretty long time. Long enough so that on my awakening, I was alone in the gymnasium of my execution. Still had the spear's in me and I wasn't going to fit through the vents with them in me. I didn't exactly feel like pulling them out was a good idea, so I had to do a little acrobatics. I pushed myself up out of the tips of the spears, clenching my bloody hands to keep myself propped up and out. My eyes fluttered in and out of consciousness, but adrenaline ended my spree and I fell off and over to the ground with a half a dozen metallic clanks echoing in my ear.

I was down 8 Pints at least. Normally, that would be enough to knock someone unconscious, but I've bleed and healed so much that my endurance is unceremoniously high. Of course, that didn't exactly mean I was 'immortal', just that I could take a couple of beatings more than the next in line. The school outfit I was garbed in was practically a jelly blanket of blood, and I could still feel some dripping from the holes in my body. I couldn't possibly risk standing, so I dragged my knees along a trail of blood toward the nearest vent. I found a mosquito slide right through, and while normally with all this blood on me I would try to take it down as to not risk my own health, It seemed like it all ready had a full meal. I found it odd since there was only other insects and humans here, had it all ready gotten to the corpse? No time to think, my eyes were starting to close at 9 pints as I climbed into the vent. Slosh by slosh, my skin slogged toward the grate with the light filtering out into the rubble, as I reached out my hand to wriggle the metal plating.

It was locked...

I passed out in defeat, breathing heavily in a trail of my own blood just waiting to keel over and die. Yet, despite my overwhelming sense of defeat, a sense I thought I had repressed to a near nonexistent fate, I did not die. I might have not died, but my memories, or rather, my brainwashed memories, were all but a null. I awoke in a strange egg like containment chamber. It was padded, and I was my normal clothing, feeling cold but still freshly garbed, as well as a cobble of things against my chest. A smartphone of sorts, A necklace of opal orbs and gold string, A bronze key with a number tied to a ribbon of bills, and most notably a pamphlet. Since the chamber still seemed to be closed, I read along, waiting for my time to come and be re-born free from the chaos in the other world.

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bodyguarding, dark humor, guitar and piano acapella, history, knives, manhunting, orchestral, singing
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